Tuesday, November 2, 2010

handmade lovelies...

aydin made this super cool wizard hat to go with his halloween costume!

he drew the template himself, needle felted on the moon & star & then sewed it all up. very impressive...no??
much ado about mittens... this has been a hard one...these two are my second & third attempt at "the perfect toddler mitten". this pattern, had two sizing options...one for wider mittens (top left) & one for a slimmer fitting mitten (top right). however, neither seemed to fit evyn "right".

after knitting the first one, i decided that 1) the cuff was much too short to even stay on a toddler, but even after elongated the cuff, the second mitten just didn't fit right either. there is room to grow, which i like, but the cuff sits on here hand, vs resting below her wrist.

so...back to the drawing board. this go round, i am trying the "toddler mittens on a string" pattern. these are sized for a 12month old, so i am modifying this pattern from the get go...using #6 dpns & aran weight yarn vs #5 needles & dk weight. i am also knitting a 3" cuff right off the bat.
hopefully this will conclude my search, as the weather is getting a bit chilly here & evyn really is needing some mittens to keep her little niblet fingers warm.

i heard that we might even have snow in our weekend forecast!?! :)

rainbow legwarmers for ev... & my *free* pattern (listed on ravelry.com)
these we super fun to make & easy, to boot!

sammi & i took evyn out into the yard & did a great photo shoot with her...it was really quite fun! here are some of our favorites...
she's already good @ posing! (hoping this is a good thing...;)
i LOVE this one!
also very cute...
i finally got around to knitting myself a little something...

a lovely felicity, handspun cotton...gorgeous variegation! it will do nicely to hide my fro' (as i am once AGAIN growing my hair out!)
i do wish it was just a wee bit more slouchy...but other than that, i LOVE it!

and finally...
another lovely upcycled wool garland...this one in rainbow! i want to make a super long one of these for our christmas tree. though we'll need to stock up on sweaters first...:)
until next week...xoxo.


  1. so lovely, how about making mittens for Evyn out of a wool sweater rather than knitting?

  2. The hats are great! Aren't photo shoots of sweet babies just the best? I love her legwarmers. And I'm impressed with your mitten-making determination!

  3. that wool garland is beautiful!! I love all the other knitted goodness too. you are one talented mama!

  4. i could make them mittens out of a sweater, but i really want a snug fit, which i think will best come from a knit pair.

    thanks for all the crafting love! we do so enjoy it!

    wabi-sabi...so, i am not crazy w/ mitten maddness?!? ;)

    erin, the garlands are so very easy to make & yes, quite lovely! i need to restock on sweaters thought before i can make one for our tree.

    happy crafting...xoxo, jessi

  5. beautiful little projects you made. I made crocheted myself and the boys some hats recently.

    Lovely garland and beautiful children.

  6. I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. If you would like to accept, you can find details at my blog, http://thefireflyfiles.wordpress.com/

  7. love the hat, so want one for myself!! that looks a lot like noro yarn...anyhow, great work mama!