Friday, October 29, 2010

lake louise...

to close out our week-long celebration of both michaelmas & autumn itself, we like to head spend time with mother nature.

in the past we have gone to the arboretum, hiking on the blue ridge parkway, & to our local bird sanctuary...this go round, the boys chose to go to the park...lake louise to be specific.

this park has a lovely pond where we can watch the ducks & sometimes the geese, there are some really amazing weeping willow trees, a great play area, & a 'primitive' exercise corner that the boys LOVE! (it has loads of bars & beams, as well as gymnastic rings...need i say more?? ;)

now for a trek around the pond...

the boys LOVE playing on these rings!

as we were leaving, we caught site of this trio of ducks leaving as well. they were walking up the hill to the front door of this house, as if were there home...and perhaps it is. :)

we took a different route out of the park, on a whim...and discovered a whole area that we have never been to before, despite having frequented this park for YEARS!

it had this really old waterwheel, waterfalls, an entire rock face that just called to the boys 'climb me!'

absolutely gorgeous!

poor ev...she stayed by my side, on the outskirts, as she was a bit too young to go on this exploration...

but in the end we found a little hill for her to climb on as well...;)

perhaps you, too, have a secret cove waiting to be explored...??

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