Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more handmade holiday crafting...

you might have noticed that we haven't been posting much of late...we are so very busy crafting for the holidays!

in truth, i began my holiday crafting back in july...with bits & projects here & there, but now with 38 days until christmas & still 20(!) projects on the to-do list, we are certainly kicking things up a notch!:)

the children, too, have made their lists of what they will be making for us mamas & papas as well as for each other & their aunt, we'll begin posting their "handmade holiday gifts" as well. ;)

yes, indeed, we are quite the lot of busy bees...but would nay of us really have it any other way?? (now honest now...;)

my first cowl...planning on making quite a few of these, in various designs & colors for the lovely sisters-in-laws (x4! :) & possibly mother in law as well, shhhhh...don't tell. ;)

this one is a darkside cowl, from ...

i like it, but will make it just a smidge bit shorter next time...5/6 in , instead of the called for 7". super toasty...great for biking & running, which a lot of the in-laws do...not to mention extremely fissionable! ;)

infant mittens for the shop, from "a children's year". it was odd to be knitting on two needles again, as most of my projects lately have been on dpn. :)
3" cuff, keeps mittens on, for sure! love these! but too small for evyn, so into the shop they go.

the hunt for evyn's toddler mittens has ended, with these, the "holy grail of toddler mittens"!
the fit evyn, now 20 months old, but are seen here on our almost 4 year old. :)
aside from christmas crafting, sammi & i have been busy trying to stock up the shop as well. here is a gorgeous winter crown, we just finished up. sized to fit a 6 month old up to a 2/3 yr old.

bonus, it's reversible! ... an ice king/queen perhaps??

this sweet crown is perfect for your young princess, but doubles as a headband!

simply gorgeous!
more knit cats, using a pattern from "the children's year". sammi set up this photo shoot...i love it !
to cute, no?? (also in the shop :)
more gnomes, one of our signature items. this lot is made from plant-dyed wool from mamajude (also on etsy)
felt food...eggs, sunny side up. muy delicioso! (another photo shoot compliments of sammi )

mini-mitts! these are knit in the same way as the oodles of adult/children's mitts that i have made, but sized to fit a 3/4-6/7 year old. this pair was knit as a christmas gift for a friend's 5 yr old...he LOVES rainbows. who doesn't, really?? ;) uncooperative photo...
the yarn is plant-dyed, from mamjude (on etsy), brown sheep, worsted weight...

on the needles?? a green pair of merino mitts for one of orin's teacher, a toddler-metry for miss evyn...& ???
a final project recently completed by sammi...pot holders. made of 100% upcycled materials, entirely hand sewn & gorgeous!!
she made one set for us to keep & we listed one in the shop as well. it already on hold...not bad for a newbie crafter! i love having her here for a million reasons, one of which early morning coffee chatting, crafting buddy! kudos to sister love!! xoxo

her original design...adds pop to any kitchen. cotton, linen & thick terry lining. don't worry, more in the works. :)
these too would make lovely christmas gifts...thinking of nicking her idea & making a pair in the same colorway for lance's mom. ;)
she, too, loves lime green, black & white...xoxo for now...happy holiday crafting to one & all!!!
oh, one last photos of ev's christmas mittens...
(blogspot isn't letting me re-arrange photos for some reason, so please do excuse the jumblyness of this post...)


  1. girl, i am so impressed with the way you have just taken right to knitting! i am challenging myself this season to figure this pattern reading thing out, once and for all. :)

  2. You've been very busy. Don't you love making those little cats? They are so cute.

  3. momma rae...yes, white! i LOVe knitting...slighly, ok...extrememly addictive, but there could be worse 'habits' right?? ;)

    the cats are fun to make, you are right! :) i love the photo shoot sk put together for them...such fun!