Tuesday, March 16, 2010

busy bees & spring crafting!

well, we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, & though it isn't quite here...we certainly have been busy little bees!

our first chicken tractor is almost complete! (i'll get those pictures posted this week, promise :)

aside from that, soccer is here (along with its 1 1/2 hour practices twice a week) & a game each weekend. aydin is taking swim lessons each wednesday evening

let's see...roots & shoots wednesday evenings (1x per month), chess club (every other friday), lego club (3rd monday of every month), and of course play group each wednesday at the local library. whew!

how to keep one's sanity amidst all of this madness??...lots of spring crafting, or course!

i have been working our our easter swap lots, again with bits of goodness

for this year's swap i knit limes & rainbow balls, & sewed up some sweet little spring bracelets.
(the bracelets were inspired by kelly purkey's spring bouquet )

i love these swaps because each one's basket gets filled with handmade goodies, of natural materials made with love. :)
this easter crafting got me wanting to knit some easter eggs...i had quite a few small, gorgeously colored remnant balls of yarns calling to me. so, i modified the lime pattern a bit & presto hand knit easter eggs for our nature table & the shop!

we also have two spring birthday next week...
evyn, our baby girl, is turning one! (hard to believe, i know) i was planning on making her birthday crown this week, similar to these that i made our boys, but with a spring theme. while crafting the bracelets for the swap, i was inspired to make her crown based on that same idea.
ehren, our 3 year old, is modeling her crown...
it fits him, but it'll look nicer on her better as the flowers will sit a lot closer together. we can't have her modeling it yet though, it is a birthday gift for her remember?? (shhh!)
(i'll post her birthday photos after next week's celebraton.)

for aydin, who will be turning seven next wednesday, i am making this noro keyhole scarf. he specifically requested a rainbow scarf for his birthday. :)

instead of the noro yarn, i will be using the kaleidoscope yarn from ehren's gnome hat. it has been patiently awaiting its second chance...
here is what i have done so far...i love this yarn!!

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