Friday, March 12, 2010

grade 1, block VI word families

monday, march 1st
*read aloud 15 min w/mama, "days with frog & toad"

main lesson:
*nature study/outdoor hour:
we set up our spring nature table!

lesson b:
form drawing, p. 10, fig 17 (f)

read the tiny seed, eric carle

tuesday, march 2nd
*read aloud 15 minutes w/mama, "days with frog & toad"
main lesson:
*being working with word families...
-we made cards our of card stock (12/sheet) & made sets for the first 3 family that we'll be 'meeting' this week (-AT, -AP, -AR).

-we also made a set of alphabet cards so that we could discover the various members of each family.
play math memory (today we did subtraction)

lesson b:
handwork, carding wool

aydin wanted a break from knitting and asked to card wool...he carded nearly and ingles bag full!

wednesday, march 3rd
*15 min read aloud with mama, "days with frog & toad"
main lesson:
*today we recalled the words that we made yesterday with a little memory game...
we set out all the cards for each family and he tried to remember all the words that we made yesterday.
we made it sort of like a game show, as he was give three strikes.
*when he had made the words for each family, he picked his favorite from each for us to draw in our main lesson books
lesson b:
baking; zucchini bread, from the"more-with-less" cookbook
thursday, march 4th
*read aloud 15 min with mama, "days with frog & toad"
main lesson:
*introduction to second group of word families (-AW, -AY, -ED)

*we, again, made cards...aydin has chosen to color code each word family & have the alphabet be rainbow...they really are beautiful cards.
lesson b:

painting, "spring"
aydin's patingin of us all working in the garden (see the tiller??)...i love it!)
the chickens! (hooray!...33 days & counting!)
i don't know about you, but here we are very ready for spring & flowers & gardening & COLOR!

aydin found a little spice jar filled with magnetic words & spent quite awhile playing with them on the fridge. i heard him sounding out quite a few (bonus!)...he also built various towers & castles with them.

ahhhh...imagination & simple pleasures....

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