Thursday, January 14, 2010

i love it all!

ahhh..the joy of creating & crafting...i love it!

the dilemma?? so many amazing projects & so little time.

now that i have mastered knitting in the round, i feel like the world of knitting has opened it's doors even more to me.

i haven't been knitting a long time, by any fact, the only reason that i started knitting is because knitting is part of the waldorf grade one curriculum. helps to hone motor skills, bring peace & balance to our mind (& souls), counting stitches...i could go on & on.

i really only learned the basics back then (this would have been fall 2006) as i was about to have our third child. it was great though, my favorite book by far, for beginners, is bonnie gosse's, first book of knitting for children. i know, i know...a child's knitting book?? the pictures are amazing, step-by-step, but it is the projects that i got hooked on. loads of simple projects that one can complete relatively quickly, this was an amazing motivation. sweet little farm animals that i could knit as natural toys for our children.

there are also lots of good ideas in the children's year, and my latest discovery ravelry.
i knit up quite a few pairs of mittens for the children for christmas, and am in the middle of knitting loads of fingerless mitts... i have been wanting a pair for awhile, but i was weary of knitting in the round. that is, until i found this little gem! :) i made a pair for my sister & for orin (our eldest) for christmas, then a pair for myself. lance (dh) swiped my first one, so i made him a pair.
now i am finishing up pairs for lance's mom & each of his sisters (x4)...well, except for the sister in arizona...doubt it will ever get chilly enough for her to use mail out with our photo pages.

i am so excited about things to come...already thinking ahead to birthdays, mother's days, etc...shhhhh! ;)

i think my next project will be this great little sweater for evyn, and perhaps one for ehren as well. just darling!

here is another great little find, hand stitched felt. i know it only got 3 stars on amazon, but i love it! it is simple, whimsical, hand sewn felt projects...many would make great gifts & they are perfect projects for the boys to make for their handwork lessons!

i made the mistake of leaving it out on the counter last night & orin & aydin are both already asking requests, "can i make this??" ... "oooh! can we make this??" so, i am now rearranging the boy's handwork schedule for the spring as a result! :)

happy handwork(ing)!

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  1. How fun to be so inspired! I can relate to having more ideas and projects going then there will ever be time for. So wonderful that your kids love handwork, too. :)