Monday, January 11, 2010

an amazing day!!

i have been feeling a bit off here lately...

feeling like i have (once again) been letting the little things in life get in the way of what is most important to family, especially our children.

i think as moms we have to make a conscious effort, every minute of everyday, to keep everything in maintain the balance. and it's hard, you know!?!
it's so much easier to get sucked into the vortex of the dishes, the house, the lessons, the laundry, meal prep/cooking, diapers, etc...

today, though, was amazing & the best day that we have had in a while!
(aydin & orin, oct of my all time favorite pictures.)

why?? i was so hoping that you would ask...:)
our morning looked something like this...
*baby slept thru the night
*i got up at shower (alone)
*hot cup of coffee (NOT microwaved 5x!)
*baby up @ 8, 20 min of nursing & snuggling
*boys wake up happy
*no squabbling @ breakfast, or all morning that i can remember!
*after breakfast, puzzle w/aydin while 2 youngest finish eating
*then go fish w/orin when he's done getting cleaned up
*boys began morning lessons w/out me!
*snack/game break (hi-ho cherri-o w/aydin & ehren),
& close the box (an excellent math game, by the way) tournament w/orin
*finish lessons, then lunch
was it a perfect day?? no...
i didn't get dinner made in time for lance to take to work (he works 2nd shift) & the house is totally trashed!
do i care??! did i get stressed out about it??!

what is important, really, is that everyone had great attitudes today & we got all our lessons done, the boys didn't squabble & we all had a lot of fun!
what was different about today?? hmmm...
-i got up early & had a bit of (long overdue) "me" time
-i made a conscious effort to talk less, let the little things go & have some (also long overdue) fun w/the boys
i am feeling really good about today & looking forward to the many tomorrows...hooray us!


  1. I can relate! BTW, we love Shut the Box (but I like your name better, "Close the Box"). It is so much fun for the whole family, and excellent for math!

  2. this makes me so happy! We had a great day as well, after so many where life just seemed topsy-turvy! WOnderful!!!

  3. Yay, I love that photo, too! I remember that sweet day with you all! The combination of time to myself, getting to drink my tea HOT and time for creativity are all key in a good day for me, as well.

  4. thanks for sharing & HOORAY for amazing days!

    it is so comforting to know that we are not alone on this amazing journey that they call mother(parent)hood...

    cheers to you all & to the many more "amazing days" to come!

  5. geez...could i have used the word 'amazing' a few more times?? :)