Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Destashing, phase two...the "PURGE" tub.

I don't know about you, but I am LOVING this!!  I feel so much free-er already, and the more I purge, the better I feel & the more strict I find myself becoming.  I am really taking a good look @ anything & everything...

For now though, I am working hard to stay *focused* on this week's mission, destashing my yarn, but my MINIMALIST eyes are *wide open* & totally scoping it all out...

Here is the update from my end...

I am super stoked!!  I went from three *bulging* tubs, that would ONLY close if another heavier something was set on top of them, to three tubs, each with modest quantities of delicious yarns in them (between half and three quarters full) & one *overflowing* "purge" tub!!

Never before has my stash been under such scrutiny as it was this week & never before have I been so brutal.  No, brutal isn't quite the right word...honest, with both these yarns & myself.

At any rate, I am riding high right now & ready to finish line this thang!!  So, let's discuss the handling of our "purge" tub.

Here's my plan (aka what I will be doing tomorrow!).  Dump it all out & investigate what you have.  I am guessing mine is going to be a pretty random mix of acrylics, wools & wool blends; some partial skeins, some whole skeins, some multiple skeins; some with labels & some unknowns.

My first order of business will be to seek out any itchy 100% wool yarns, those will go into a pile & will become dryer balls.  ;)

I may list a few on Etsy/Ravelry...  Perhaps I can make a bit of dough to put towards this sweet needle set I am going to splurge on.  Our family didn't really do "mom/dad" gifts this year, and my husband & I didn't get gifts for each other either, so this will be my 'late-Christmas/awesome-job-destashing' gift. ;)  BUT, as freedom in my end goal, I have put some thought into which yarns would even qualify for this option...

1) It must be quality yarn,
2) It must be 2+ full skeins/a more expensive yarn ($20+) complete with labels
3) Each yarn listed will be stored in a separate "for sale/trade" tub & each have an expiration date of 1 year.  As in if it/they are still around next January, they *must* be gifted/donated.

From there, I am going to see if I can put together any sort of 'sets'...  Perhaps a "pinks" set or maybe "neutrals"....maybe it'll be more by type, "superwash merinos"...?  I honestly have no idea right now, but if anything comes of this part, I really want to do a couple of blog giveaways.  Wouldn't that be fun??  Actually, I am wondering if it would be or not...what if you are all hard core destashing along with me, should I play the part of the 'virtual temptress'??  

Anything that doesn't "fit" anywhere else will be offered up for grabs on our local homesteaders site/donated to a local thrift store.

How is your destashing going??  Remember to rock out @ *YOUR* own pace.  This is YOUR journey, own it!!
photo credits, streetartutopia.com

PS.  Don't forget to join in on our "*15* in 2015: A Knitting/Crochet Challenge".  We are already up to *15* members on our facebook group, too perfect, right??  ;)

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