Sunday, January 4, 2015

*15* in 2015, A Knitting/Crochet Project Challenge...

Back @ the end of December, with the New Year so close @ hand, there were all sorts of "challenges" popping up on facebook, pinterest, etc.  A few I am joining in on.  The "52 weeks to an Organized Home Challenge", the "52 Weeks Money Challenge", and the (50 books this year) "Ultimate Reading Challenge". While those are all great & "thing" is crafting.  I did a bit of poking around online to find a cool knitting/crocheting challenge, and while I did see loads of knit-alongs, I didn't find any sort of fun year long challenge.  So, I made one...ha!

*15* in 2015...  Fun, quirky, inspiring, challenging, but I don't think too overwhelming, as *YOU* actually pick the projects, based on where you are.  While I didn't have too much trouble coming up the initial 15, I wanted to include 5 "Bonus" projects, for those who really rock out.  Unfortunately, my brain was done...ideas were getting lame...  If you have any project ideas, please post them!!

You DO NOT have to go in order.  You DO NOT, technically, have to craft 15 *different* projects.  If you can meet two or three of the 'challenges' with one AMAZING amazing project, mad props to you!!

As you work your way through the list, post photos on our facebook group page.  Be sure to let us know which "challenge(s)" they meet.

Without further ado...the magical *15* for 2015!!

1.  Knit/crochet a project for charity.  (There are a lot of *free* patterns online/Ravelry!)

2.  Knit/crochet a *set*.  (This could be coasters, a hat & scarf, nesting bowls, choose!)

3.  Knit/crochet a project that uses more than 500 yds.

4.  Knit/crochet a project using colors you have NEVER combined before.

5.  Knit/crochet a project that is TINY.

6.  Knit/crochet a project that is ridiculous (it can be ridiculously AWESOME!)

7.  Knit/crochet a *pair*.  (This could be socks, mitts, mittens, gloves, slippers, pants, choose!)

8.  Knit/crochet a project that involves learning a new technique.

9.  Knit/crochet a project that scares you, just a little.  (You know what you have been avoiding...a sweater             using fingering weight yarn, fair isle, socks, cables/bobbles...this is the time to go for it!!)

10.  Knit/crochet a project that you have been wanting to make for forever, but haven't.

11.  Knit/crochet a project that uses *1* skein.

12.  Knit/crochet a project that can be part of a costume.  (There are so many fun ones on Ravelry!!)

13.  Knit/crochet a project inspired by a book, tv show, or movie.

14.  Knit/crochet a project using a yarn that has been in your stash for way too long.

15.  Knit/crochet a project that is oversized/GINORMOUS!  (Again, look on Ravely. I have seem patterns                 for giant strawberries, olives, clouds, etc.  (or) go crazy & knit/crochet a blanket!)


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  1. Starting my #7 right now. A pair of green ombre arm warmers. Fingers crossed on this one as I'm kinda winging it. Tomorrow is my destash day.