Tuesday, January 10, 2012

workin' through it all...

last december a friend recommended a few books to me.  one of which was byron katie's "loving what is". 

once i got my hands on a copy of this book, i more of less devoured it & bought a copy of my own (returning the other to our local library).

her philosophy is simple & pure & as much as i tried to argue with it in the beginning, i couldn't.

she says things that i have heard said a million different ways, but her way is so down-to-earth, logical that it resonated with me more or less instantaneously.
now, a quick bit of background on books & me...  i had to sort of take a break from reading books for a bit, as each new book i read became my new mantra.  i am very good @ seeing all sides of a story & also very good @ trusting others before myself.  (boo!) 

her book, though it does present her outlook on life, is definitely self help....  she just presents the concept of inquiry, which is the act of questioning our thoughts & asking 'is that true?'. 

you might be surprised how much we alter reality with our thinking.  by arguing with reality, as in thinking that is should be anything other than it is, is where our pain, frustration, aggravation, etc comes from.

after reading her first book, i discovered that she has quite a few more.  so, i checked out the second one form our library & added it to my book swap wish list. ;)

i thought i would share some bits & pieces with you as i read & work through it, parts that really make me pause & reflect on their meaning in my life & may well speak to you as well...

so, thus begins our journey through "i need your love -- is that true??" (byron katie)

daytime reality check: everything supports me

"...suppose you've eaten your breakfast, sat down in your favorite chair & picked up this book.

your neck supports your head.  the bones & muscles of you chest support your breathing.  the earth supports the building you live in.  various stars & planets hold the earth in orbit.  outside your window a man walks his dog.  can you be sure that he isn't playing a role in your support??  he may work everyday in a cubicle, filing papers for the power company that makes your lights come on.

among the people you see on the street & the countless hands & eyes working behind the scenes, can you be sure than there isn't anyone who isn't supporting your existence??

the same question applies to the generations of ancestors who preceded you & to the various plants & animals that had something to do with your breakfast.  how many unlikely coincidences all you to be here? 

to explore this for a while, look around you & see if there is anything that you can say for sure doesn't play some role in supporting you.  now look again @ the 3 a.m thought "nothing supports me without my efforts."  wouldn't it be truer to say, "everyhting supports me without my efforts??"  the truth is that here you are, sitting in your chair, doing nothing & begin fully supported.

everything supports you whether or not you even notice it, whether or not you think about it or understand it, whether or not you love it or hate it, whether or not you're happy or sad, asleep or awake, motivated or unmotivated.  it just supports you without asking for anything in return....

complicated & intricate as your requirements are for existence might be, they are all being met.  @ this moment, there is nothing you need, nothing you need to do.  notice how it feels to that in that thought.

now think of something you don't have.

this thought that kicks you out of heaven.

the thought that kicks you our of heaven could be "i'd be a little more comfortable if i had a pillow."  or it could be "i'd be happier if my partner were here."

without that thought you're in heaven -- just sitting in your chair, being supported.  when you believe the thought that something is missing, what do you experience??  the immediate effect might be subtle -- only a slight restlessness as your attention moves away from what you already have.  but with that shift of attention, you give up the peace you have as you sit in your chair.  by seeking comfort, your give yourself discomfort."

byron katie, 'i need you love -- is that true??"  (pages 8 - 9)

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