Monday, January 16, 2012

more of our handmade christmas (in january :)...

wrapping up our handmade holidays posts... 
 (get it??...'wrapping',  tee, hee ;) 

my sister-in-law terri, asked for dishcloths so i whipped her up a set in her favorite colors & with the potential theme of her favorite things.  i say 'potential' because she said she "loves everything!" 

so, i did a bit of (pattern) hunting & this is what i came up with...

 this is my all-time favorite dishcloth pattern, it is  i knit one for terri (pink) & one for my grandma as well...
'her hometown' is michigan, so this one is definitely a perfect addition to the set...

and a (second) sweet owl version, as everyone i know LOVES owls!!  i knit 2 of this for terri & one for,! ;) 

i really liked the seed stitch owl that i made for the littles, so made one more of those in blue for grandma as well.

these cat-tastic mitts are for my niece, who LOVES everything cat-ish...
used my mini mitt pattern & added on felted sweater bits to make the paws.  was inspired by this lion brand pattern...
introducing the 'black dragon', aydin's yule sweater of choice.  it took right @ 24 hours to make, but he wears is all the time, so very much worth it!!

definitely got the intarsia things down, as well, after this one...;)

"sleek", a gap-tastic cowl for my mom (well, technically mother-in-law)

took just a smidge under 3 skeins & right @ 9 hours to knit.
i am wondering is she'll love it as much as i had wanted her too.  she is smaller than me, by a good 6" & this thing comes to my hips.  so, i can picture her being completely swallowed up by it. :(

my husband says she'll love it & i just don't know how to wear it.  this might well be true as i am ridiculous like that. ;)
it does feel super squishy & warm & those are both very good things, right??

i feel like i should re-knit this on  size #13s, as that would probably take off the bonus 6"...  as in the difference between jan's (the creator's) length (to her bellybutton) & mine (to da' hip).

guess, i'll give it a go & include a note that i can re-do shorter or thinner, etc & see what she says.

i just  think that my m-i-l is too polite to say anything. :(

and lastly, for now anyway, is the dual name hat i knit for crystal...
 it has two names because both are so perfect that i can't seem to decide which one to go went with them both!  "'s a secret (pocket)"

i tacked down 3 of the 4 sides to create a secret pocket!!  crystal said that it would be the perfect size for her ipod nano...also poisonwood green.  ;)

the "poisonwood" part comes from the yarns own colorway (aka poison"), but also because i just happen to be reading the poisonwood bible for our book club.
hooray for holiday hand knits...

still have 4 more to go, i think...some really cool convertible mitts variations, and a special something for my sista'. :)


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  1. Your knitting is spectacular!!
    I especially love the runner's hat with a pocket, but all of your work is colorful and super creative!! Hugs--