Thursday, January 13, 2011

creative friday: sandy beach set & mamamade mei tei

more knit lovelies...

this set was a custom order from a sweet family friend of ours, for her daughter.

a slightly modified version of this hat...dubbed sandy beach...(it seem almost mockingly as we are currently 'snowed in' ;)

love the slouch...;)
this mei tei carrier was custom made for us by an amazing mama of 5, well technically her 5th isn't due until june)...i love it!!

i knit her up a few pilot hats for her youngest 2 & she made this gorgeous carrier...gotta love a good trade, right??

as does ev!... jayna made the straps padded & a bit wider that is custom for mei teis, as she know that i am an ergo kinda girl.
hooray! if you could only see the ergo we have been is quite the sight! another mam gave it to me after she used it for her 3 children. i, then, slip covered it & used is for both ehren & evyn...
it is presently in need of some amazing tlc...if not a complete overhaul!
for more inspiration, please join linda @ natural suburbia for "creative friday"!

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  1. oh I love your blog!! So happy I stumbled upon you!