Wednesday, January 26, 2011

braving the elements...;)

we have been having some insanely cold & windy, icy, snow-a-licious weather here lately, but we were craving some time with mother nature.

the boys were playing @ a neighbor's house, but the littlest ones & i bundled up & went fro a walk before dinner. it was one of the mildest days/evenings that we have had recently....

today?? well, it is snowing again!! which makes me even more glad that we ventured out...:)

ehren rode his new scooter (60% off @ target :) & evyn pulled our little red rider wagon all the way to the end of our was priceless!

the sky was amazing!!

by then end of it all though, they were both ready for a ride home...:)

i really enjoyed having some special time with just the younglings...i love when we are all together, but i love them on their own as well. it is different, the way EVERYTHING is AMAZING & worth stopping to interact smell, taste, touch...

seeing ehren as the eldest & the way that ev will follow him until the end of time...i LOVE it!

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  1. As a kid you love weather more because you get to play outside in the snow. As you get older though you start to realize how much better summer is compared to winter. I always loved summer more even as a kid. I did like to toboggan but I think overall tubing is way more fun.