Tuesday, May 26, 2009


this week's thought from mimi..."kindness counts"

mimi: "one of the most common questions parents ask me is, 'how in this materialistic, competitive world can i raise a kind child?' my answer is to begin by being a kind adult...when your child see you go out of your way to help a friend...he will naturally see loving kindness as the way to live."

this is perhaps the simplest, and yet sometimes, the most difficult task to take on...

we teach our children by example, and yet we are not perfect, by any means. just tending to the physical needs of our families can drain us of our energy... i am a lot more patient, more mindful that i once was...but is it enough??

starting this week (as in last sunday) i have been making a conscious effort to point out the kindness & thoughtfulness of both the boys & lance. i have been careful to think before i speak, and to breathe before i react to a situation.

30 days for a new habit to take hold, right??...well, 25 to go. :)

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