Monday, June 30, 2014

FREE PATTERN, "Celtic Love" a cabled pillow sham

i first became aware of knit pillows & moreso *cabled* knit pillows last summer...

a friend sent me some photos & asked if i would be up for upgrading her throw pillows, um...yeah!

who knew??  cabled pillows are absolutely gorgeous!!  so many varieties...

it can actually be a daunting task to design a cabled pillow as there are an amazing number of cables out there.  so to narrow the gamut down to ones you like & then refine that list to ones that actaully 'work' well together can be an involved process.

below is the first one that i designed myself, i call it "celtic love" because of the central knot/plait.

i fell in love with this plait & knew i wanted it to be front & center on my design.  the hunt was then on a for a good companion...flattering & yet, not nothing that would detract from the main cable...

what do you think?? 

i LOVE it & am eager to design more...

@ any rate, i finally got the pattern uploaded on here, link it in on ravelry as well. :)



  1. Hi there! I tried to comment on this when it first posted, but somehow it didn't go through. Your pillow is beautiful! Yours was one of the first "Waldorf" blogs I found years ago when we first started our journey. Belated thanks for being a blog I turned to as we began our way.