Tuesday, June 18, 2013

revamping this fall...

i have always said that homeschooling is a journey & it is as true now as it was when we first began our journey sever years ago!

for this fall i find myself revisiting old haunts.  charlotte mason & five in a row (FIAR) are both methods that we used when our soon-to-be-teen was just beginning his voyage.  and now here i am again hunting down those same books after having passed them along to various people over the years...

if you have any of the below, i would love to talk trading!!

i can knit, as you know & sew.  i could trade supplies, if you are a crafter...or if paypal is more convenient, i am trying to beef up my account balance a bit so that i can funds to cover the (many) books our county libraries don't have.

(Volume #1)
1.The Rag Coat, Lauren Mills
2. Who Owns the Sun?, Stacy Chosky
3. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear, Gladys Scheffin-Falk
4. Papa Piccolo, Carol Talley
5. Very Last First Time, Jan Andrews
6. Kate & the Big Snow, Virginia Lee Burton
7. Stepping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost (illus. Susan Jeffers)

I am also in search of FIAR volumes two, three & four along with all of the Charlotte Mason Volumes (#1-4).

Thank you in advance for your help with our search!!


  1. I've just started to learn the Charlotte Mason theory of homeschooling.
    Do you have any reading suggestions about her method?

  2. Pretty sure you can find the CM series for free online. Maybe for Kindle (if you have one)? Also, check your library for the FIAR books. That's how we always got ours. Or thrift shops.

  3. Have you tried to do an ILL (inter library loan) through your local library? I have gotten many books that my local library does not have that way.
    Thanks for sharing such helpful and inspiring information through your blog.

  4. Hi I just found your blog this evening! It is lovely! I am starting my waldorf journey and would love to know if you follow a specific curriculum for your children? I so enjoy your blog! Mindy