Wednesday, February 6, 2013

baker's dozen update...

so, you may remember my post about the "baker's dozen" goal for the year (2013) to make  *13* 1) food items & 2) household items this year that i/we would normally go out & buy.

this is surprisingly easy & FUN!!  the only "hard part" is deciding what to do next!! 

first up, an update on our WOOL DRYER BALLS (aka HOUSEHOLD ITEM #1)

these are the ones made from yarn leftovers....

it's hard to tell in the photo, but they are thoroughly took ~6 goes in the wash.  so, pretty much a week's worth of laundry @ our house. ;)

these are the wool batting ones...ehren, ev, & i wet felted them, then tossed them in the wash to really tighten them up.
we have been using these since the middle of january & they are AWESOME!!!  they really do help absorb the moisture, allowing our clothes to dry quicker & they suck up all the static.  love *LOVE* love these!!!
for FOOD ITEM #2, we have started making our own FRENCH FRIES
for our first go, we fried them up in our cast iron skillet.
be warned!!  they take a good 20 min or so *per batch* (lance blames is on our stove, says it doesn't get the oil hot enough), but my friend confirms that they really do take a while to make.
sooooo good though!
for our second go, we baked some in the over.  they didn't turn our so hot.  i might scope around online to see what i should have done differently. 
i just cut them into 1/4" strips, tossed them in some oil, salt & pepper & baked @ 450 until they were done, ~30 min.  most didn't turn out as crispy as we would have like & the ones that did were totally dried out inside. :(
never fear, we'll keep hunting (or) if you have mastered this art, PLEASE do share!!!
this was so much fun to make...  i really do LOVE woodworking, and was excited to be doing a project that didn't involve *yarn*!!
background...our littles share a room & each had their own (rather large) basket of dress-up clothes.  we recently painted their room & ended up going through things then too.  there were so many sweet/awesome/cool get ups that i hadn't seen in a while.  they both wanted (of course!) to keep *everything*. 
so, i wanted to work out some sort of setup that would allow them to keep everything, but keep anything from being buried under a heap.  after a quick google search for wooden clothes rack, i came upon this...
i asked the kids, they loved it!!  they loved the box @ the bottom, which is perfect for shoes, jewels, belts, hats, etc...

with this as my inspiration, i set to work measuring & hunting around for picture idea...something that would work for both a boy & a girl.

i found some cool clip art owls on etsy & had each pick out his/her favorite to make their side of the "accessory" box.  unfortunately i cannot locate the right shop now :(

the sides were inspired by decorartist's sweet bird designs...

it turned out so stinkin cute!!!!

i have to admit that i haven't done too many woodworking projects & though this was relatively simple, i was extremely nervous when it came time to assemble (aka, the "moment of truth").  it all worked out perfectly though!!! 

& their rooms looks simply smashing!!!

and what lovelies have *you* been crafting??????  xo

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  1. Hi Jessi! I saw your name on Ravelry so found my way here to catch up. I look forward to seeing more of what you make for the year! I can hardly ever bring myself to buy something that I know I can make myself. I am wondering if the dryer balls would be good to help cloth diapers dry faster... oh, and diaper sewing might be on my crafting list, summer clothes for all the girls. In the kitchen we have been making more crackers, bagels, and tortillas, in addition to our regular bread. Maybe try coconut oil for your french fries? I'm not sure, we make ours in the oven pretty good, but my husband is better at it than me.
    (Gosh, are comments this long even allowed?)
    Hope all has been well. Have fun with your craftiness. Happy Spring!
    Renee :)