Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ah, yes...a new year.

                                                (blows dust off blog)


i know is has been a very long time since i last posted...february 17th, in fact, as my father informed me a few weeks back. 

there came a time when i felt obligated to post & that is never a good feeling.  we should each do things because we choose to or want to...because we feel moved to or inspired to.  these are the feelings that should guide our days, but as we all know (or the majority of us know) this isn't *always* the case, is it?? 

my mind is one that likes to categorize things & then go absolutely MAD with various rules & restrictions about those categories. 

enter exhibit A:  my new year's resolution of 2011.

i decided that i would knit tings i had never knit before, a blanket, a sweater, a pair of socks, etc...the list slowly grew to about 9/10 & then i saidto myself, well, what the heck there are 12 months in a year, let's make it 12 (aka 1/month).

then i thought, why not choose 12 things in *4* different aspects of my life to work on as well. 

and so the list went from 12 things to 48 things, ranging it items for me to craft to aspects of my own self to work on (being more grateful, being more patient, loving my husband for who he is, etc...).  it was absolutely ridiculous & my sister & my husband both bore witness to my madness.

and then the list disappeared @ some point during the early portion of the year, never to bee seen or heard from again....  (enter dramatic music) 

i am guessing that one of the two fore mentioned people (or perhaps my own inner consciousness) disposed of it to save me from myself.

why??  well, because there is another aspect of myself that likes to lurk around dark corners as well.

i am not sure of its title, but it never lets things go.  if i say i am going to do something then i absolutely *must* do it, no matter what the circumstances or the time matter how "past date" it is, no matter what sacrifices have to be made.  period.

so, you see, i must be very careful about what i choose to do.

@ any rate, this month, january 2013, is to be filled with all manner of things that i was supposed to do last year.  i am pretty good about staying on task, so the list isn't that long, but there are a fair few projects that still need tending before i'll be officially caught up.

i know, i could do as so many other do & choose to let this first month of the new year serve as an eraser of all past obligations this would allow for a clean slate, but because of all the above mentioned bits of myself, i have gotten a lot better @ choosing what is truly important to me & so these projects are ones that i feel stongly about & truly do want to finish.

the thing is that i have changed A LOT since january 2011.  last year, believe it or not, i didn't even make any new year's resolution...not a one!  (if you don't believe me scroll through the posts from last january...i just did ;)

i believe i might have made something of an inner commitment to work towards finding more balance in my life, but this is one of those ongoing processes.

in in writing, is the rundown on my new "blogging" philosophy. 

i will post when i feel inspired to post. :)

simple, right??

AND instead of trying to fit into some sort of category, i.e.homeschooling (or) knitting, etc, i plan to post about whatever i am excited about @ the moment. 

*BE WARNED*, i am easily excited (don't believe me?  ask my husband/my children! :) 

welcome to the blog that is me, our family & a reflection of whatever is striking our fancy @ the moment...!!

happy new year to both you & your families!!  xo

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