Wednesday, December 14, 2011 was absolutely perfect!

our thanksgiving was a quiet, simple affair, with just the six of us.  something that hasn't happened in many years.  and yet it was absolutely perfect in every way.

from our centerpiece of dried flowers & grasses picked by ehren, evyn & i on our morning walk the day before...

 to the way that everyone pitched in to make our thanksgiving feast the delicious meal that it was.

ev was the first to rise thursday morning & after a bite to eat, we got straight to work baking the pumpkin pies.

 pinto wishing each of us a "happy thanksgiving", & to you as well...

 aydin teaching ev how to crack the mixed nuts.  a special thanksgiving treat & a family thanksgiving tradition...;)
despite all the green grass in the photos above, it did actually get cold enough to freeze a puddle in the garden beds coverings.  that is exactly where ehren found this lovely little treasure left by mother nature herself...
 ehren was my helper with the stuffing.  this year, we gave this recipe a go...
 orin made the apple pie, complete with the hand print turkey decoration seen above. TOTALLY his idea, & doesn't it just look lovely??
 aydin was my right hand, turkey man...  he said it was both cool & gross, which i *think* is a sentiment that we can all relate to...;)
 i snuck in a wee bit of crafting, a knit lovely *for me* amidst all the holidays gifts & orders.  of course, what was done that day remains all that has been done....but oh well, there is always after christmas right??

note the paintbrush substituting for my cabling needle which seems to have wondered off recently.  there are little fingers involved in this plot, no doubt...;)
 ev, all dolled up in her fancy dress.  she was soooo excited to use our fancy glasses, reserved for thanksgiving & christmas dinners only.
 such a young lady...
 oh my, the stuffing was absolutely delicious!! side note:  stuffing is arguably my favorite part of the infamous thanksgiving day meal...
and of course, papa to carve the turkey...a family affair if there ever was one.

the day was so chill & calm, which alone is a feat for this house of 6!  (if you know us, then you know that i am speaking the truth!)

we just moved from one thing to the next, enjoying all the preparation & the love & the was perfect & that is that.

all our love & blessings to you & yours this holiday season. xo

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