Friday, August 12, 2011

oh, what's this???...

as i mentioned in my last post a lot has been going on here & i have not had a lot of time to post about it.  so much is changing...little things here & there are making a big difference & i LOVE it!!

one such change would be out lovely new kitchen, which i will get to shortly.  actually it isn't really new, but it did get a patch job & a lick of paint, courtesy of my sister sk.

 i have always loved yellow, so bright & cheery. black-eyed susans, goldenrod (which is my favorite crayola crayon of all time, by the way), the sunbeams, squash blossoms, yarn, etc... so, it is no wonder that yellow houses always seem to be reaching out to me & calling my name.

when we first painted out kitchen, i knew i wanted a yellow kitchen/dining room.  however, we are a very high energy lot, so i chose this pastel hue.  thought that it might help us to chill a wee bit (@ least @ meal times, anyway ;).

here then is the before...a pale yellow.

our dining room doubles as our homeschool/craft room

and now, for the during...

does anyone else's walls have this many "battle scars"??

and, finally, the after...a lovely color dubbed 'carotene'.  the names actually makes me love it even more, if that is possible.

& it is all thanks to samantha koontz, (my sister), who gifted me the 2 gallons of paint& my sweet baboo who actually chose this color out of the lot...
 now, for the rest of the house, right??

ehren,m our 4 year old, says we should paint each room a different rainbow color... i LOVE it!!  now, to get papa on board...;)

happy friday, loves!...xo

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