Thursday, July 7, 2011

update on the chicken tractor...;)

so, the plan was to cut the coop in half  & make our third tractor.  well, it totally worked!  it didn't take long either, just a bit of planning here & there.  i wound up gutting the coop first thing.  then with just the frame in front of me, i would cut a board or two in half, add the supporting side bits & move along to the next chunk. 
ira (the neighbor who i bought this coop from) added a couple of 2x4x12's in to the deal (thank you!!!) as well.  between that, the plywood that we had leftover from replacing a bit of our bathroom floor &  the wood from the coop that i was able to re purpose....i was able top keep the total cost under $50.  i had to make one trip to lowes, & figure i spent $10 tops on latches, wheel bolts, washers & hooks. 
this is a side view.  the ramp, sliding door are on the right...the two doors on the back are for cleaning & food/water.
a view into the coop/cleaning door.  you might notice there are no nesting boxes.  i didn't bother with them in this tractor.  why??  well, other 2 tractors have them, but the hens lay their eggs anywhere & everywhere in the coop.  i still need to add a roosting branch.

this door is also for my cleaning the coop out...easy access, you know.
this is the food/water access door.  i put it under the coop this go round.  the other tractors have them hanging out front, in the run section, but the food ALWAYS gets wet when it rains.  thought i'd give this a go & see if it works out better...

now a lick of paint!!  unfortunately i was so excited about getting the chicks in their coop that i forgot to paint BEFORE i added the chicken wire...

this made things just a smidge bit difficult & a whole lot messier!!

 why yes, i am covered almost entirely in paint!!  & no, it did NOT come off in the shower...;)  but i suppose that is yet another perk of being a stay-@-home mama. ;)

 this finished tractor...
we had a bit of blue outdoor paint & some white, so the paint job is a bit hodge podge.  i am in the in the process of hunting down paint leftover that we can use to personalize the coop.  the blue is a bit calm & the white, MUCH too plain!!  i have plans for a cooperative collage with the boys & i &  whoever else happens to stop by on painting day...
side view...
but the chicks are absolutely LOVING it & that is what really matters, right??
 it was funny seeing them take their first steps on the grass, just little toddlers...

but growing ever so fast!!

and what or your "little ones"?? 

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