Wednesday, March 2, 2011

*free pattern* convertible fingerless mitts...

after making about a million pairs of these mitts, i began to get requests for convertible mitts

so, i sat down & figured it out & after a fair bit of tweaking, a star was born (tee, hee :)
@ any rate, here is the pattern, enjoy!!!

easy peasy rice & cheezy convertible fingerless mitts
(based on easy fingerless mitts by maggie smith)
*about 140 yds worsted weight yarn
*size Us #6 double point needles
*3 stitch markers
*2 buttons (for the flaps)

sized to fit average women's hands
(can use size #5 needles for a smaller hand/tighter fit or use #7 for a man's hand)

CO, cast on
PM, place marker
BO, bind off
Dec, decrease
k2tog, knit 2 stitches together

guage: 6 sts & 8 rows = 1 inch

CO 36 sts, PM & join into a round. K2, P2 for 2".
begin knitting in stockinette, continue until you have 1.5" (measuring from top/end of ribbing)
Thumb shaping:
round 1. k2, increase in next stitch, PM, k to last 3 sts of round, PM, increase in next stitch, k2 (38 stitches)

round 2. knit around plain.
round 3. knit to one stitch before increase marker, increase in next stitch, slip marker, work to second marker, slip marker, increase in next stitch, knit to end (40 stitches)
round 4. knit around plain.

repeat rounds 3 & 4 until there are 50 sts.
on last plain round, knit around to last increase marker, remover marker, knit 3 sts, then begin BO.
BO 14 sts. knit in stockinette for another 2" then BO all stitches, using a needle the next size up.
For the flap:
pick up half the number of sts that you originally cast on
(for this pattern i CO on 36 sts to begin with, so i picked up 18 sts) for the flap. which side you pick up sts from depends on whether you are making the right or the left mitt.
knit those sts. then using the simple cast on method, CO that same number of sts (for me that was another 18 sts) & join for knitting in the round.
knit 2" in stockinette, or long enough to meet the tips of your fingers.

Begin decreases:
round 1, dec k2tog (18 sts)
round 2, dec k2tog (9 sts)
break yarn, leaving an 18-24" tail, weave through remaining sts & tie off
(DO NOT weave in ends as you will be using this tail to knit your i-cord button loop)

I-Cord button loop:

pick up 2 sts @ the very tip of the mitt
use 'tail' to knit a 2 stitch i-cord long enough to form a loop for your button (mine were large, 1" i knit 15 rows)
tie off i-cord & sew to top of mitt forming a loop for your chosen button.
Flap ribbing:
pick up half the number of sts that were CO from front (open side) of flap, along with 1 additional stitch from each side (again, i originally CO 36 stitches, so i picked up 18 sts, 20 sts total).

attach yarn leaving a 6" tail (this will later be used to sew the flap ribbing to the side of your mitt).
knit FLAT in K2P2 ribbing for 8 rows, bind off loosely in the rib. secure, leaving a 6" tail.
this will form a row of 3/4" ribbing @ the base of flap. once bound off, align & sew to sides of mitt.
(this will ensure that the flap stays in place while in use :)

sew on button where appropriate...

now put on your mitts & go show off your mad skills, or...

knit ANOTHER pair! ;)
(please let me know if there are mistakes or any bits that are unclear :)

happy knitting!! xoxo


  1. I'm lovin' these ! Thank you for the free pattern.


  2. Very cool designs you have choosed for fingerless groves.