Wednesday, August 18, 2010

grade 2; august cirle time & daily rhythm...

as promised...below are our circle time verses & our daily rhythm...

please help me to note authors & sources as i cannot seem to locate these poems/verses in my books, though most of them care from their pages (well, there & from a friend...thanks jenny!)

first though, i would like to spread the word to about a *new* waldorf yahoo group aimed specifically at us grade 2 mamas. here is the link... link.

circle time (august)
(this song we learned from an arts camp that the boys attended many moons ago, with miss cricket. it has been our opening song ever since! :)
awake, awake, awake...
awake, awake, awake...
the sun has come & the moon has gone;
we greet the day with this morning song...
we are thankful for another day,
we are thankful for another day!
(repeat all)

(both frontwards & backwards)

brave & true
(bruce bischof (3's times tables prep, live ed)

brave and TRUE
will i BE
each good DEED
sets me FREE
each kind WORD
makes me STRONG
i will FIGHT
for the RIGHT
i will CON-
quer the WRONG
sun spirit
(adapted to fit the tune of 'lean on me')
when sun spirit sends
sunbeams down
each plants a kiss upon the ground.
and where, their lips have touched
touched the earth
a tiny flowers' given birth.

all..are here with
gifts to please
beauty, food, cures for disease
and we'll take good care
good care of all herbs
because they take good care of us!

come butterfly
come butterfly
close to me
your beautiful wings
i should like to see
you fly like a bird
you sip like a bee
but you're really a flower
that the wind set free!

even counting verse
(bruce bischof, live ed...adapted to x, vs adding)
2 x 1 is 2, that's for me & you;
2 x 2 is 4, knocking at the door;
2 x 3 is 6, gather up the sticks;
2 x 4 is 8, sheep at the gate;
2 x 5 is 10, bold, sea-faring men;
2 x 6 is 12, farmers boys who delve;
2 x 7 is 14, maidens gone a' courting;
2 x 8 is 16, this fence needs fixing;
2 x 9 is 18, no more waiting;
2 x 10 is 20, that is plenty.
(to the tune of 'clematine')
when the bee stings
or the bite brings...pain
look to the earth
for our little friend plantain
she lies down with ribbed full leaf...
chew it, dab it for instant ...relief
from the pain
oh, thank you, thank you, thank you
our little friend plantain.
in the woods
if in the woods, still and quiet you'll be
all of these animals, there you will see
little brown eyes & quick scampering feet
field mouse is looking for something to eat
rabbits are playing about on the grass
flashing their fluffy white tails as they pass
fox slips by silently, urgent & keen
sharp musty smells marks the place where he's been

squirrels will chatter & leap as they race
each hides his nuts in a his own secret place

hedgehog runs fast or curls up in a ball
prickles protect him from enemies all

bright eyes & patience you will need it is true
to watch all of the creatures & learn what they do

(closing verse)
there lives in me an image
of all that i can be
until i have become it
my heart cannot be free


  1. I so LOVE the In The Woods verse! We will all enjoy this together for circle time :)

  2. I think rhythms are good. They help you keep balence in your life.