Friday, July 2, 2010

knitted lovelies...

it has been a while since i have posted about any of the knitted lovelies that i have been working on...
i like to do so not only to keep a record for myself of knitted gifts/projects, but also because quite a few of my creations come from patterns that i have seen on other mama's blogs. :)

and now, to keep the inspiration flowing...
sushi, for orin's birthday...he LOVES sushi!

our sweet 3 year old, ehren, modeling a felicity
these are actually photos of take #3. (the pattern's gauge is quite a bit off & so the pattern did not need resizing to fit a 3/4 year old...which of course i didn't know until after knitting up versions #1 & #2 ;).

it is the perfect topper for this matching poncho...

this set was knit to complete a trade with a very lovely mama for some very lovely yarn...<3> sweet gnome oakies for a friend & a few for us as well. won't they look lovely on the autumn nature table??
and last, but not least...a most extremely late, but not quite too late to still give mother's day scarf.
i cannot post the pattern link just yet though, as i am not quite sure how often she peeks in on our blog, and i certainly wouldn't want to ruin the nearly 2 months in the making/mounting suspense! :)


  1. All gorgeous, but I especially like the gnome oakies. :)

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