Friday, April 23, 2010

sweet baby chicks...

(first, i gotta just say that i cannot believe that i founda song about chickens...i love it!)

okay, so i know i said that we would be offline for a month, but i couldn't wait to share pictures of our babies!
we got the call that our chicks had arrived in asheville around 12:30am on wednesday...hooray! a midnight adventure!
the kids slept in their clothes because i wasn't sure when the post office would call & i/we wanted to go & pick them up first thing. as it worked out though, lance got home from work around 12 midnight so i got to make the trip solo.
this ended up being a good thing as the post office is about 45min-1 hour from our house & i got a bit lost as well. (it was pitch block for one thing, & i had never been loads of construction fences & detour signs, etc...)
at any rate, they are all alive & well...thriving...very curious & super cute!
the boys are absolutely enthralled with them...they think they are just the more adorable (and funniest) little chicks ever.
they watch them throughout the day...always asking to hold/pet them (which, or course, we can't do much yet)
aydin sleeps in the kitchen with them every night & they are out there first thing the next morning watching again!
even lance checks on them & loves on them each day when he gets up & each night when he gets home from work...:)
happy homesteading!


  1. I love this post! Good luck with the baby chicks. So precious!

  2. Cute, cute! Enjoy them now, just like our wee ones, they grow so fast. Love ya.