Thursday, November 5, 2009

grade 1, block I: letter introduction (week 7)

monday, november 2nd

main lesson: form drawing, "the pregnant belly" (that's what we call it anyway), Form Drawing Grades 1-4, Enrst Schuberth & Laura Embry-Stine , p. 4 (fig 7 a)

*introduce with a short story,

i told the story of both my pregnancy with evyn (our youngest) & her birth. aydin was an a very amazing part of that journey...he knew i was pregnant before i did, he was 3 days off with his his estimation of her birth date, & he attended her birth. that is a very special memory that we share & i wanted to relive it all with him today...

lesson b:

outdoor nature hour; we spent today's hour cleaning out the garden & the boys hunted for (fallen) bird's nests in the woods... they found two...

*also finished our michaelmas salve (it needed a month or so to cure)

tuesday, november 3rd

main lesson:

*tell story, part #7

introducing bear & fawn & 'u' (uuuhhh)

*project: make homemade (natural) play clay

the turmeric & the cocoa (yummy!) both turned our great. the turmeric we tried twice, but the color wasn't as bright as pictured & it was a bit grittier than the the two.

we made a list on the board of words that begin with 'f', then aydin chose two to model with the clay...



then we made a list of words that begin with 'b', again aydin chose two to model...



lesson b:
begin knitting...learn & practice casting on, begin to learn/practice knit stitch...
wednesday, november 4th
main lesson:
(recall story, together)
*draw a picture of fawn & bear in main lesson book, add a gold star w/the letter 'u'
lesson b: baking, granola
thursday, october 5th
main lesson:
(recall story, on own)
*write short summary (together) & copy into main lesson book
*painting: "by the water"
lesson b: continue w/knit stitch

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